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Valobasho Kina Basho Bondhu Terai Koro Amare Mp3 11

Valobasho Kina Basho Bondhu Terai Koro Amare Mp3 11

Valobasho Kina Basho Bondhu Terai Koro Amare Mp3 11 is a popular Bengali song that has been uploaded on YouTube and SoundCloud by various users. The song is a catchy tune that expresses the feelings of love and longing for someone who does not reciprocate. The title of the song translates to "Why do you love me, friend, try to love me, I love you so much".

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The song has been viewed more than 720,000 times on YouTube and has received many positive comments from the listeners. Some of the comments are:

  • "This song is very nice. I like it very much."

  • "This song touches my heart. I feel the same way for someone."

  • "This song is very relatable. I wish my friend would love me back."

  • "This song is very cute. I love the panda singing."

The song has also been streamed more than 320 million times on SoundCloud and has received many likes and shares from the users. Some of the users have also created their own versions of the song and uploaded them on SoundCloud.

The song is composed of simple lyrics and a catchy melody that appeals to the listeners. The song is sung by a female voice with a background music of guitar and drums. The song has a duration of 31 seconds and can be downloaded as an mp3 file from SoundCloud.

The song is a popular choice for Bengali music lovers who enjoy romantic songs that express their emotions. The song is also suitable for anyone who likes catchy tunes that can be easily memorized and sung along.


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