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Roxanne Shante Go On Girl Mp3 Download

Roxanne Shante Go On Girl MP3 Download

If you are looking for a classic rap song from the late 80s, you might want to check out Roxanne Shante's Go On Girl. This song was released in 1988 as part of the soundtrack for the movie Colors, which starred Sean Penn and Robert Duvall. The song was produced by Marley Marl and co-written by Big Daddy Kane, two of the most influential figures in hip hop history.

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Go On Girl is a diss track aimed at other female MCs who tried to challenge Roxanne Shante, who was one of the first and most successful female rappers in the industry. She rose to fame in 1984 with her response to UTFO's Roxanne, Roxanne, which sparked the Roxanne Wars, a series of answer records from various artists. Roxanne Shante was known for her witty and sharp rhymes, as well as her confident and sassy attitude.

In Go On Girl, she declares herself as the queen of MCs and dismisses her competitors as irrelevant and inferior. She boasts about her skills, popularity, and style, while throwing insults and taunts at her rivals. She also samples Hot Pants (Bonus Beats) by Bobby Byrd, a funky breakbeat that adds to the groove and energy of the song.

If you want to listen to or download Roxanne Shante's Go On Girl MP3, you can find it on various platforms such as YouTube , Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music. You can also read the lyrics of the song on Genius or watch the music video on YouTube. You can also learn more about Roxanne Shante's life and career on Wikipedia or watch the biopic Roxanne Roxanne on Netflix.

Roxanne Shante's Go On Girl is a rap classic that showcases her talent and charisma as one of the pioneers of hip hop. It is a song that deserves to be heard and appreciated by rap fans of all generations.


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