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Vyacheslav Rybakov
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Silver Cross Pop NEW!

The Pop gives parents the luxuries of a fuss free fold. The Pop folds just as a conventional umbrella stroller does but super smoothly and super gracefully - that real silver cross quality coming across in these tiny details.

silver cross pop

Please note, this website and product imagery is designed to show you the wide variety of applications and flexibility of the BuggyBoard on a range of pushchair models. It is not exhaustive and is regularly updated.The BuggyBoard has been designed with functionality in mind, so our illustrative examples are intended to show you that the BuggyBoard can be mounted successfully onto almost every pushchair model.It is important that any child using the BuggyBoard has enough space to stand comfortably. However, due to the number of combinations possible across pushchair brands (regarding positioning of carrycots, whether seats are forward/rear facing, the ability of the pushchair handle to slide out, accessories you may have attached etc.) we are unable to illustrate everything. Only you can recognise if your child has enough space to stand comfortably.Similarly, if you use a BuggyBoard Saddle, the seat accessory designed for use with the BuggyBoard Maxi, you need to be sure that your child has adequate space to sit/stand comfortably. They should always sit rear facing.Before each use, please show your child where they should hold onto the pushchair or Saddle to avoid any fingertraps that may be accessible at the back of your pushchair.

Then I noticed a hand go up, palm outward then a small silver cross worn by one of the women. I asked one person what the songs were about, but she spoke no English, nor I any Greenlandic. One of the men was able to explain that they were evangelical Christians, on their way from one small community to another for a church conference. The impromptu entertainment - inspiration, really - was cut off when an official gently told the singers the flight announcements could not be heard over their music. The moment ended.

It's our sixth day in Greenland, waiting for the weather to improve. What I'm finding is that there is an introspective nature to the trip at this point - the point at which we cross the last stretch of the North Atlantic and begin the final leg across North America to Alaska and home. At some point, all journeys become internal, all landscapes interior. Travel writer Paul Theroux makes that point. So do my Buddhist friends.

But what I'm finding here is that it's not the exotic that I'm drawn to, but the familiar - or maybe the familiar recognized more clearly in the exotic. It's the things that connect us across continents rather than those that separate us. I hear this singing - I haven't a clue as to the lyrics - and I feel sure it's the "old, old story" told by earnest Christians around the world.

The tour began at GEICO, where the soft, sweeping lines of the Victor Kling campus contrast with the rectilinear facades and composition of buildings. Across the street, The Irene apartment building displays the same rectilinear façade patterns. The neighborhoods of Potomac Overlook and Glen Echo Heights tucked their glass-walled homes amid the natural landscape, capturing views and light. 041b061a72


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