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Cheech And Chong Next Movie Torrents

the original cheech and chong's up in smoke, released in september of 1978, is the infamous stoner movie that first introduced cheech and chong to the world. it was actually a fairly big success, too, earning around $44 million total (which was impressive for the time). the plot follows two stoners who take a van made entirely out of marijuana from mexico to la. sure, i know they followed that up with plenty of other movies that could be called sequels, but i think they want to make a direct sequel or a revisit them 35 years later kind of thing. who knows but i can't wait to see it. glad to see cheech and chong back in action! agree

cheech and chong next movie torrents

one of cheech & chong's most fondly remembered films is also their earliest. the story follows the aptly named anthony stoner (chong), an unemployed, well, stoner who aspires to be a drummer. when his strict parents threaten to ship him off to military school, he leaves home to find his way in the world. along the way, he meets pedro de pacas (marin) and the two form a quick friendship thanks to their similar interests, one of which being marijuana. the two find themselves arrested for possession, only to be let off on a technicality.

after last year's flop of cheech and chong's animated movie, cheech and chong are back in the animated movie business. the film features the latest iteration of the gentlemen, now addressing such topics as the second amendment, anti-feminist philosophy, and the middle east. the film is centered around the title character's crush on the newspaper's editor. originally a television comedy (from the 1960s), it was later adapted into the film up in smoke, which was much more successful.


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