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Monika Kapoor Math 10 Class Book 17

Monika Kapoor Math 10 Class Book 17: A Comprehensive Guide for CBSE Students

Are you looking for a reliable and effective textbook for class 10 mathematics? Do you want to learn the concepts and methods of mathematics in a simple and interesting way? Do you want to ace your CBSE board exams with confidence and ease? If yes, then Monika Kapoor Math 10 Class Book 17 is the perfect choice for you.

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Monika Kapoor Math 10 Class Book 17 is a textbook of mathematics for class 10 students following the CBSE curriculum. It is written by Monica Capoor, a dedicated mathematics teacher with more than 30 years of professional experience in her chosen field. The book covers all the topics prescribed by the CBSE syllabus, such as real numbers, polynomials, linear equations, quadratic equations, arithmetic progressions, triangles, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, circles, constructions, areas related to circles, surface areas and volumes, statistics and probability. The book also includes sample papers, previous year papers, NCERT solutions and additional exercises for practice and revision.

Why Choose Monika Kapoor Math 10 Class Book 17?

There are many reasons why Monika Kapoor Math 10 Class Book 17 is a preferred textbook for class 10 mathematics. Here are some of them:

  • It covers the latest CBSE syllabus and follows the NCERT guidelines.

  • It helps students develop a clear understanding of the concepts and methods of mathematics.

  • It encourages students to apply their knowledge to solve problems in various situations.

  • It uses a student-friendly approach that involves activity-based learning, examples, illustrations, diagrams, tables and graphs.

  • It provides tips and tricks to enhance the speed and accuracy of calculations.

  • It caters to the needs of both average and meritorious students.

  • It has received positive feedback from teachers and students alike for its comprehensive coverage, clarity of explanations, accuracy of solutions and relevance of questions.

How to Buy Monika Kapoor Math 10 Class Book 17?

Monika Kapoor Math 10 Class Book 17 is available in paperback format and can be purchased online or from any book store. The book is published by Ratna Sagar Private Limited, a leading educational publisher in India. The book has a price of 769.00 (inclusive of all taxes) and a delivery charge of 199.00. You can also download a PDF version of the book from [this link].

What are the Reviews of Monika Kapoor Math 10 Class Book 17?

The book has received rave reviews from both students and teachers who have used it for their class 10 mathematics preparation. Some of the reviews are as follows:

"This book is very helpful for class 10 students. It explains everything in detail and gives many examples and exercises. It also has NCERT solutions and previous year papers. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to score well in maths." - Rishabh Sharma, Student

"Monica Capoor is an excellent teacher and author. She has written this book with great care and expertise. The book is very well-organized and covers all the topics in a systematic manner. The book is also very engaging and interactive. It makes maths fun and easy to learn." - Shweta Singh, Teacher

"I have been using this book for two years now and I am very satisfied with it. It has helped me improve my maths skills and confidence. The book is very clear and concise. It has many practice questions and sample papers that help me prepare for my exams. It is the best maths book for class 10." - Priya Jain, Student


Monika Kapoor Math 10 Class Book 17 is a valuable resource for class 10 students who want to excel in mathematics. It is a book that not only teaches but also inspires and motivates students to learn and enjoy maths. It is a book that can make a difference in your academic success.


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