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Conan Exiles How To Join Clan [PATCHED]

Commander Lexa founded the Coalition, becoming the first person to unite all twelve Grounder clans under the rule of the Commander. Before the Coalition, the clans had spent many years fighting each other and various characters expressed concern that the Coalition would collapse without Lexa in charge. Azgeda in particular was long considered the biggest threat to the alliance of the twelve clans, with the clan having joined the Coalition three years prior to the events of Season Four, on the condition that their Prince was banished[1].

conan exiles how to join clan


After Wanheda's destruction of Mount Weather, the Coalition was shown to be highly unstable, with the clan ambassadors believing Lexa to be weak and unfit to rule. Queen Nia of Azgeda began plotting with the ambassadors to overthrow Lexa in an attempt to seize control of the Coalition for herself. Meanwhile, Lexa convinced the Sky People to join the Coalition and become the thirteenth clan. A ceremony was held in which Wanheda bowed to Lexa in the presence of the ambassadors, so as to affirm Lexa's strength and authority. Marcus Kane received the Coalition brand on his forearm on behalf of Chancellor Abby Griffin and the rest of the Sky People. Undeterred, the ambassadors attempted to remove Lexa from power by calling for a vote of no confidence. Lexa secured Wanheda's support in the vote, however, and the motion thus failed.

Prior to joining the Coalition, this clan had been at war with Trikru. Under Queen Nia, the Ice Nation had captured Lexa's girlfriend, Costia, thinking she had information about the Commander. They tortured, killed, and decapitated her. The Ice Nation joined the Coalition around 2147, though Nia was forced to banish her son, Roan, as part of a deal with Lexa.

Add them as your friend. You can also do that after the new update October 2016 update. If a player is your friend (After he/she accepts your friend request or is your friend through Facebook) and you have the privilege to invite then you can invite that player even if he/she has already joined another clan.

Sadly, there is no way. Unless they are still in the clan chat section (I know they are not, because of your comment). However, make all the things needed to join the clan (trophy level, etc.) low. If your members want to join again, they can, even if they are farming, or have a low trophy count. You can try global chat, but the chances for you 1) being in the same chat room and 2) the other person happening to be on global is very low.

I've decorated quite a bit and I'm really proud of how it looks, but I've been thinking about leaving to join a bigger clan as I don't use region and don't really have many people to talk to at the moment in game.


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