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Frank Zappa Beat The Boots Iii Rar

Frank Zappa Beat The Boots III Rar - A Review of the Rare Bootleg Collection

Frank Zappa was one of the most prolific and innovative musicians of the 20th century, who left behind a vast and diverse catalog of albums, ranging from rock, jazz, classical, avant-garde, comedy, and more. He was also a fierce defender of artistic freedom and a critic of the music industry, who often clashed with record labels, censors, and critics. As a result, many of his recordings were either unreleased, rejected, or bootlegged by fans and collectors.


In 1991, Zappa decided to release some of his bootlegs officially under the title "Beat The Boots", which consisted of eight volumes of live and studio material from various sources and eras. He followed this with another series of seven volumes in 1992, called "Beat The Boots II". These collections were intended to provide better quality versions of the bootlegs and to discourage illegal copying and distribution.

In 2009, Zappa's family and estate released a third series of six volumes, called "Beat The Boots III", which was available only as digital downloads from the official Zappa website. This series featured more rare and obscure recordings from Zappa's career, some of which had never been heard before by the public. The following is a brief review of each volume of this collection:

  • Disc One: This disc contains 14 tracks from various sources, including demos, rehearsals, radio broadcasts, and live performances. Some highlights are "The Blackouts", a doo-wop song from Zappa's early days in Cucamonga; "The Story Of Willie The Pimp", a spoken word piece that explains the origin of the song from Hot Rats; "The Dick Kunc Story", a hilarious interview with Zappa's former engineer; and "Metal Man Has Hornet's Wings", a rare instrumental track from the late 60s.

  • Disc Two: This disc features 12 tracks from a live performance at the Fillmore East in New York on November 13, 1970. This was one of the shows that featured Flo & Eddie (Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan) as Zappa's vocalists, who added a lot of humor and satire to the songs. Some highlights are "Do You Like My New Car?", a parody of car commercials; "Happy Together", a cover of The Turtles' hit song; "Lonesome Electric Turkey", a psychedelic jam; and "Tears Began To Fall", a soulful ballad.

  • Disc Three: This disc contains 11 tracks from a live performance at the Rainbow Theatre in London on December 10, 1971. This was one of the last shows that featured Flo & Eddie, who left Zappa's band after a stage invasion incident in Montreux. Some highlights are "Peaches En Regalia", a classic instrumental from Hot Rats; "Billy The Mountain", a epic story-song about a mountain that goes to Hollywood; "Call Any Vegetable", a catchy tune about talking to plants; and "Magdalena", a song about incest.

  • Disc Four: This disc features 10 tracks from a live performance at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on December 9, 1973. This was one of the shows that featured the legendary Roxy & Elsewhere band, which included George Duke, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Ruth Underwood, Tom Fowler, Bruce Fowler, Chester Thompson, and Ralph Humphrey. Some highlights are "Pygmy Twylyte", a funky opener; "Village Of The Sun", a tribute to Zappa's hometown of Lancaster; "Cheepnis", a song about monster movies; and "Be-Bop Tango (Of The Old Jazzmen's Church)", a complex and challenging piece that involved audience participation.

  • Disc Five: This disc contains 11 tracks from various sources, mostly from live performances in Europe in 1978. This was one of the periods that featured Zappa's rock-oriented band, which included Adrian Belew, Terry Bozzio, Patrick O'Hearn, Ed Mann, Peter Wolf, Tommy Mars, and Denny Walley. Some highlights are "Dancin' Fool", a disco satire; "Bobby Brown Goes Down", a controversial song about a perverted teenager; "Yo' Mama", a guitar showcase; and "The Illinois Enema Bandit", a song based on a true story of a criminal who gave enemas to his victims.

  • Disc Six: This disc features 12 tracks from various sources, mostly from live performances in the US in 1980 and 1981. This was one of the periods that featured Zappa's jazz-fusion band, which included Steve Vai, Ray White, Ike Willis, Bobby Martin, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman, Ed Mann, Tommy Mars, and Peter Wolf. Some highlights are "The Black Page #2", a notorious percussion piece; "You Are What You Is", a social commentary song; "Mudd Club", a tribute to a New York nightclub; and "The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing", a critique of religion.

Frank Zappa Beat The Boots III Rar is a treasure trove for Zappa fans and collectors, who can enjoy some of the rarest and most interesting recordings from his career. The collection showcases Zappa's musical diversity, creativity, humor, and genius, as well as his amazing bands and collaborators. It is a testament to Zappa's legacy and influence, which continues to inspire and challenge listeners today.


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